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"The Eleventh Hour" is a Canadian drama series currently airing on CTV. The show revolves around a television news magazine of the same name, airing on the fictional Universal Television Network (UTN), and the lives of those who are behind the scenes of the show.

First airing in November 2002, the show has had two 13-episode seasons so far. Season three, which started on November 27, will be wrapping up on Saturday, March 26, 2005, and will most likely be the series finalé ("Bumpy Cover").

At the prospect of losing the show, we fans want to let CTV know how unhappy we are with the decision. On March 25, e-mail the head of programming at CTV, Rick Lewchuck, at his address: rlewchuk@ctv.ca. Keep checking here for the latest news and join our mailing list for immediate updates and discussion with other fans!

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