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Actor's Name Character's Name Duration in Series
Shawn Doyle Dennis Langley (Season 1 ~ 2)
Tanya Reid Kennedy Marsh (2002 ~ present)
Jeff Seymore Kamal Azizi (2002 ~ present)
Sonja Smits Megan Redner (2002 ~ present)
Waneta Storms Isobel Lambert (2002 ~ present)
John Neville Deaton Hill (Season 1)
Scott McCord James Joy (2002 ~ present)
Inga Cadranel Brooke Fairburn (2002 ~ present)
Matt Gordon Murray Dann (2002 ~ present)
Peter McNeill Warren Donohue (2002 ~ present)
Noam Jenkins Sam Lasky (2002 ~ present)
Ben Bass Henry Shelly (Season 3)
Name Occupation Duration in Series
Semi Chellas Show Creator
Executive Producer
(2002 ~ present)
Ilana Frank Show Creator
Executive Producer
(2002 ~ present)
Sean Raycraft Writer
Story Editor
(Season 1 ~ 2)
David Wellington Executive Producer
Malcolm Cross Director of Photography
Tassie Cameron Story Editor (Seasons 2 and 3)
Frank Borg Story Editor (Seasons 2 and 3)
Peter Wellington Writer
Director (2x06)