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2005,03,21; 20:32 KST: Season three of "The Eleventh Hour" will premiere be the last of the series. Unfortunately, CTV has not chosen to re-issue the show. You can make your voice heard by e-mailing to the head of programming at CTV, Rick Lewchuck, at his address: Tell him how unhappy and upset you are with "The Eleventh Hour" being cancelled!

"Bumpy Cover", which airs on Saturday, March 26, is the last episode. We must congratulate the entire cast and crew for their three seasons, even though they have left us wanting many more seasons.

2004,11,11; 23:19 KST: Season three of "The Eleventh Hour" will premiere on Saturday, Novemeber 27, 2004 at 22:00 EST. The series has been slated to continue airing in that timeslot.

2004,10,17; 21:19 KST: "The Eleventh Hour" has been shooting the third seasons since July and will continue to do so until December. Right now, there are speculated dates for five episodes (two in November, two in December, and one in January), but Semi Chellas recently stated (October 13) that CTV hasn't made a decision about when to put the show on.

The speculated dates can be found in the Schedule section on this Web site.

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