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Below are the scheduled airdates for season-two re-runs. Season three's schedule has not yet been released. Check here and the News page for future updates.

June 2004
Episode Number Episode Title Airdate Short Description
2.02 Stormy Petrel Saturday, June 12;
22:00 EDT
Isobel tangles with a psycho; Megan tangles with a movie star.
2.03 Hard Seven Saturday, June 19;
22:00 EDT
Dennis heads into the dark underbelly of our prison system while Isobel gets entangled in a casino suicide.
2.04 Swimmers Saturday, June 26;
22:00 EDT
Crazy consequences and heartbreak when Isobel investigates a fertility clinic.
July 2004
2.05 Wonderland Saturday, July 3;
22:00 EDT
Dennis deals with the broken-hearted father of a pedophile.
2.06 Gone Baby Gone Saturday, July 10;
22:00 EDT
Megan's daughter may be involved in an act of terrorism in downtown Toronto.
2.07 Nadir Saturday, July 17;
22:00 EDT
Dennis and Isobel clash over the story of a missing housewife who turns up confused.
2.08 Rather Be Wrong Saturday, July 24;
22:00 EDT
Megan takes on a white supremecist; a young military woman goes AWOL in Kamal's office.
2.09 Georgia Saturday, July 31;
22:00 EDT
Dennis and Brooke head south to witness the execution of a Canadian killer; Megan meets a young Amish girl who works in the porn industry.
August 2004
2.10 I'll Build Me an Island Saturday, August 7;
22:00 EDT
A woman Dennis loved goes missing while they try to work together.
2.11 Strange Bedfellows Saturday, August 14;
22:00 EDT
A special on modern marriage turns into chaos when Kamal's past threatens to overwhelm him.
2.12 The Revenge Specialist Saturday, August 21;
22:00 EDT
When a children's puppet show is accused of having strange undertones, Isobel gets caught up in one of the strangest stories ever.
2.13 The Missionary Position Saturday, August 28;
22:00 EDT
When a young Canadian missionary is rescued by American troops in Afghanistan, Dennis and Megan find themselves pulled into a web of conspiracy and lies.
November 2004
3.01 <unknown> Saturday, November 27;
22:00 EST
December 2004
3.02 <unknown> Saturday, December ??;
22:00 EST
3.03 In Spite of All the Damage Saturday, December ??;
22:00 EST
3.04 Megan Ice Cream Saturday, December ??;
22:00 EST
January 2005
3.05 A Virgin Walks into a Bar Saturday, January ??;
22:00 EST

Blue text indicates that the scheduling is yet to be verified.

Thanks to Semi Chellas for the season-two episode descriptions and airdates.